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Here a my work in process but I am happy with it.

Modelling from autodesk 3d max, normal map details from zbrush..
100% substance painter using my own brew substance designer 3..

I know... I know... That's a grow-in-dark leaf(!) must be because my monitor are too dark.. Heh

Looks good. The UV mapping might be a bit stretched though. Looks like the texel density is not uniform.

Yeah unwrap mapping is my weakness. And I just look at picture I just realise I've forgot to switch on normal map and bump map! Whoops. Heh

Once I go on my pc again, I'll upload again with normal map switch on...
And hey it is not finished, Yet. But that was nice feedback. :)
Need someone who are very cruel and give me a feedback, welcome!

Hey daniel_3DIM,

Since you helped me out on my normal map issue on SD, I'll give you my feedback  :)

I'm not much of a character guy, but I'll give you as much feedback as I can, on some areas I can relate. Since it's a work-in-progress pic, there's a few spots I noticed that could probably use some adjustments.

For the UV's, there are noticeable stretching. For texel density, apply a checkerboard texture on the model to adjust the UV's scale. I'm not sure if Max has a default checkerboard, but you can download any checkerboard online. You can adjust the scale on each part to match the size of the checkerboard on each UV island (piece/part, etc.). I often blast the scale high to make the UVs big, to see if some areas have a bigger texel density than another area, and then scale them back down to 0,1 space.

Here's an image of what I was looking at.

On the bottom right of the image, I highlighted yellow where you can cut the edge, or around there. If the majority of the shot will be seen upfront, you can cut the UV edge somewhere in the back. if not the back, possible in between his legs.

On the top right is a UV map drawing of the 0,1 space. This might not be needed, but if there are duplicate UVs places on eachother overlapping, you can just move them over to the second UV space to the right, keeping just one UV needed on the main UV space.

Bottom left is just a drawing of what a UV for the face could look like if the piece stretching is attached.

The left drawing is more on the tree branches on his head. I may not be able to see it from the angle, but if you'd like, add in some more curves and small barks coming out. Make it naturally grow. Thick by the head, and gets thinner a bit as it grows. For the leaves, changing the size of the leaves would be interesting; like have some smaller than the other.

Look into Fibonacci sequence. There's some tree examples where it would have the Fibonacci sequence. Here's one link that might be helpful.

Hope this helps. It's a good start, nice initial workflow too.

Anthony Garcellano | Environment Artist

Thank garcellano! I will try improve it soon as I finish with substance challenge. aye! I am join the challenge heh.