Author Topic: Newbie question about Substance Share and quality level  (Read 1916 times)


I'm new to Substance Designer but am all-in, and have been plowing through tutorials as fast as I can. Part of my rush is that I have assets to build, currently cliff assets for a Unity scene, and am sort of taking time off from production to learn Substance right.

Substance Share is obviously hugely valuable, and I wanted to make use of some of the substances available there. This one looks incredible:

But when I get it into Substance Designer the best results I can come up with don't quite match the screen shots from Share; mine is on the right:

Researching some more it seemed important to at least follow these steps to add my download directory to the project:,5559.0.html

Think I did that correctly, but got the same results.

Is there anything else I should be doing to achieve results like the screen shots on Share? Or are there assumptions I should make when looking at such shots, along the lines of assuming that substance was rendered in an art package, and I just shouldn't expect the same results in SD? (It says it's rendered in iRay, which I switched on in SD, but got basically the same looking 3d preview.) Just trying to get the best results in SD before I tried to make similar results happen in Unity.

And speaking of which, I'm on to this Substance in Unity tutorial next - - maybe that'll clear some things up for me.

Thanks in advance for any help!

The render on the left likely uses tessellation and displacement in the Iray renderer. That's what give it so much more depth than the screenshot on the right.

Jeremie, thanks very much for the reply. I'll keep an eye out for that tessellation functionality in Iray.

Would also be interested in learning ways of converting that sort of thing into something that could perform decently well in Unity, if you can suggest any methods.

Thanks again!