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Hi there, I am trying to put custom icons on some sbsar files that I've brought into painter. From what I understand, whatever custom icons you add in designer do not carry over when you export an sbsar. You can however add custom icons within painter as mentioned in this thread:,12184.0.html

Wes mentions:
You can set a custom preview icon in Painter. So if you have an icon you use for the designer library, then you can uses this in Painter it just doesn't transfer with the sbsar in Painter. You can right click the material in Painter and choose a new preview icon. By default, Painter creates a preview icon for the substance as a material.

I'm on Painter 2.5.1 and am not seeing this feature in the right click menu.
Here is what I get when I right click a material.

Is this feature missing in the latest version of painter?

Thank you!

We've had another report about the button missing but I can't repro the issue on my side, the button shows up and is working for me. Is that a material you just imported or something that was already in your shelf?

It is a material that I just imported. It lives in my custom shelf.
Now that you mention it, all the default painter materials do have the "Set custom preview" item in the right click menu. Anything that I have imported does not have it.

Make sure your custom shelf is set to Default in the preferences.

OK, I tried setting my custom shelf to default. Still not seeing the "Set custom preview" on my materials. I do still see it on the allegorithmic shelf materials though.

The reason Im trying to set custom previews is that every time I open substance painter it takes some time to generate thumbs for everything in our library. Im hoping that by setting custom icons it will be faster because it wont generate icons at all...

In 2.5.1, we changed the way the thumb generate and they shouldn't regenerate at every launch, only the first time the tool is launched, since the metadata is now stored locally in a temp folder.

Just adding to this, trying to do the same thing today for our facility library.

Can't add custom icons when we load things from a predefined shelf, even when checking on default.

Ideally there would be an option to bake the icon right into the sbsar or in the case of utilities having our custom icons visible.

My bad, I actually had 2.4.1 installed. I have two machines, one had new painter and one had old :P

I tried 2.5.1 now and it does not regenerate icons any more, but it does still take quite some time to load all the custom materials in our library. It is faster than it was, but still fairly slow. Currently there are about 100 materials in our custom library. If I were to load over 500 materials into our library, it would be a considerable wait time for it to all show up.

Also, the set custom icon option DOES show up on Filters that I've imported, just not Materials.

Bottom line, since the icons do get cached properly in 2.5.1, that solves part of the problem. I don't need to make custom icons any more, unless it is a Painter Filter, which does work.

I just have the issue of custom materials taking a while to load (about 40 seconds for 100 materials every time I open painter). I have a fairly beefy machine too.
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