Author Topic: Can I apply different textures to different areas of a figure in B2M?  (Read 1510 times)

I can load a character in obj. int B2M, but I would also like to be able to apply different textures to different parts of the body. For example if the character is split into say Face, Torso, Arms material regions   these are all correctly displayed in the drop down under 'Materials' in the 3D view pane. So  I want to apply a different diffuse texture maps to each material region - is that possible? Currently I can only see how to add one texture map which will be put on the whole figure.

I figured a work around by removing surfaces and reloading the object so only one part of the object showed e.g. torso. This means I would have to do this for each material region (arms face etc.), so it seems a bit long-winded.

Still open to hearing any other suggestions of a better way to do this:)

Hi Sagem,

Another way would be to use the B2M filter (sbsar file, more info here: in Substance Designer to do this.
This way you can use it several times in your graph and blend the different materials (generated from your image inputs/B2M filters) using a "Multi-Material Blend" filter.
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Thanks for the suggestion Gaetan. However I don't have Substance Designer.