Author Topic: Need an EASY way to get textures into Maya looking the same as they do in SP  (Read 850 times)

Because the baked light filter does not render height/spec information onto the difuse layer it creates, I am STUCK trying to get all my stuff BACK into Maya to try to use turtle or arnold to do it.  I have six objects with a total of 66 files (difuse/normal/specular) - to do each one by hand and then STILL not have it looking like anything once I get it in there is beyond frustrating.  I found a free script that says it can import all the files in, but it only worked the one time and now will not function at all, so meh.  There needs to be a simple straightforward way of getting files BACK into Maya from SP WITH the right shader on them and all that stuff. 

I suppose part of my solution would be to save out MORE files for metal and roughness and all that but then I am going to have upwards of 200 files to try to reconnect in Maya.  *dampens down the desire to scream in frustration*  And THAT is not going to happen if my sanity is to remain intact.  Reducing the number of textures per item is not an option due to technical limitations of the final product going in to Second Life.  So here I am, all textured up with nowhere to go.

Please, is there a solution I have missed? If not PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider making one!  SP is no good to me if I cannot get the beautiful things I create back out into some format I can actually use.

This is sort of related to my other post here:,15607.0.html
If I could render out a difuse with the normal and spec included from the baked light filter, not being able to get stuff back into Maya would be less of an issue.

Would it be possible to export an FBX (or other file type) file from SP maybe that could include all the textures "hooked in" to it and then reimport into Maya with everything attached?
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