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The baked lighting filter is awesome for those of us working in non-pbr environments such as Second Life.  For flat smooth textures it works like a charm.  However, for something like a pebbly leather or other height/spec dependent textures what is rendered out in the difuse simply isnt good enough. 

I recently commented in some of the threads asking for a way to capture the 2d view because it is showing basically what is needed for use in SL.  I see from the threads that this has 'been in the works' for over 2 years, so clearly it isnt a priority.  So I would ask instead that you might improve the baked lighting filter to include - or have the option to include - height/spec info so that something like pebbly leather or rubber actually looks like what is is on the difuse layer. 

Is there some way to use a combination of a shader and the baked light which could help use Second Lifers to get ready to use difuse layers directly out of SP? 

SL has difuse, normal, and specular.  The reason the above is an issue is that SL is not that great at rendering stuff anyway and a large percent of the SL population has mediocre video cards and graphic settings in the game which are generally set below the 'advanced lighting' setting which renders normal and specular.  In order to create for the lowest common denominator it is necessary to cram as much as possible into that difuse map and rely as little as possible on normal and spec.

If more details would be helpful in considering this request, please let me know!

EDITED TO ADD:  At someone's suggestion I downloaded Marmoset Toolbox to try to use that to render what I need all together.  Apparently (according to a staff member over at polycount) that is not possible either.  This leaves me with no decent options at all.  I cannot even get the stupid textures back into Maya looking like anything remotely resembling what I see in SP so I could try to render them out in Turtle or Arnold. 
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