Author Topic: Ability to affect multiple objects textures at once  (Read 861 times)

I am working on a set of furniture - six pieces - I have them all in SP together so that I can get them all matching just so.  I find it very frustrating that I cannot group them in some way - ie all the cushions are X texture, the wood bits are Y texture.  And so if I change X all the cushions i set to X would change too.  I suppose some folks deal with this by simply using very large textures with IDs but I am limited to 1024x1024 so it is necessary for each piece to have its own textures for the various parts in order to get good enough resolution.

At the very least I would like to be able to group the textures how *I* want them and not just in the list as it imports.  Then at least I could put all the cushions together and find them more easily in the list when I am updating or tweaking.