Author Topic: Model with tile substance and AO  (Read 2844 times)


I'm affraid to ask a stupid question of noob !

i have an asset with 4 object it is a kitchen, i have on it 3 differents substances materials. A red a grey and an other with grey noise on it.

In substance designer 3.5 i'm able to texture it with a preview of eatch it is very helpfull.

All my substances are with procedural noises and they didn't use an uv channel on my object.

But i wan't to make an AO for it so i bake my model in substance to have an AO for working with !

But My question is how can i composite this ao map to a substance to use uv channel 2 and a the same time have the noise substance on it with out use a uv channel.

There is a solution or is it insane ! :D

This would be done in the shader, and unfortunately, the default shaders in the 3d view do not support multiple UVs by default.
You would have to use a specific shader that multiplies your texture with the AO using the second UV channel.

Ok great that what i done in unity thanks

ps when i import a psd i haven't got any dialog box for layer i use link bitmap, i use cs5 photoshop is it just for cs6 !!!

I'm using CS5 myself and it works as expected. Did you try drag and droping both in the explorer and in the graph ?