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Allow users a way to save texture set resolution configurations, e.g., a working resolution for fast performance and a render resolution for best render quality—sort of like render configs in Max.

If someone has 10 texture sets in a scene as a way to separate objects using the same or different UVs, it's faster to reduce all of them to their lowest practical resolution whilst painting for best performance (varies by machine/GPU). At render time (Iray), one should be able to select a configuration where all materials are at their max resolution or wherever the user decides. One could save a different copy of the scene, but renders happen a lot when changes are being made and there's no way to avoid having to go through each object to adjust its resolution for best-quality renders on everything, especially as a way to show progress to someone else, for a website, etc.

User configurations per scene would remember the texture set resolution for every texture set for a given setting, e.g.,  'working','low rez', 'best render', 'mixed bag' (good-looking yet good performance), etc. Users would choose resolutions for each configuration and we should be able to name them too.

Hope that's all clear. Maybe this is already possible, and if so please let me know. Otherwise, it's a feature-request! :)



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Sounds useful.
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