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Hi all, I am using the baked lighting filter to create game assets with the light baked on without having to take everything back into maya and re-render.  The issue I am having is that with a leather and stitches that I am trying to use, all of the normal detail is lost and the final textures are very flat and non-dynamic (see attached example).  Is there some trick for getting the light baked onto a texture like the one in my example?  The stitches are also losing all detail in the final baked light texture.  What am I doing wrong?  Or am i trying to do the impossible yet again?  Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

The 2D view shows the texture I need to capture, where the height information and the light information are shown together.  Is there some way to grab that?  A screen shot wont ever get it lined up perfectly.
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Hey, a workaround would be to bake the maps a first time without the new normal map info, then reimport them & apply the light filter.

@Vincent - the rightpicture IS what exports - importing it again won't do anything.  Applying the baked light filter does NOT apply the little height highlights on anything rendered. That is the issue.
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ok sorry about this: in fact it has to be the World space normal map that holds the info:
1 export tangent normal map
2 import it and put in the additional map slot
3 bake world space normal again

....probably a stupid question but "tangent" space normal?  What is that?  Do you mean the normal normal or the world normal or something else? 

...and when I bring it back which slot does it go into?

tangent = normal map (the purple one) -> place it in the normal map slot