Author Topic: MDL Material doesn't look correct in V-Ray; Substance export issue?  (Read 2140 times)

Here is the material in the viewports.

Here is the conversion graph I used (its the same one as one of the initial MDL tutorials provided by allegorithmic) - I was messing about with the values before taking the screenshot so the speclevel is not set to default here.

Finally here is the MDL plugged in... I thought it might be a specular issue but i modified the value and it didn't bring down the bright glare on the material.. any ideas?


One thing you can take a look at, is the dependency you have in your MDL file.
As you use the "MetRoughMDL" MDL graph as an instance in your bricks MDL file, you have to specify the dependency path to Vray (if it's in another sbs file). Be also sure to specify other dependencies paths if needed.

For now -if I'm right- you can't specify the dependencies directly in Vray 3.50.04 UI, but you can do it using the environment variable (VRAY_MDL_PATH_3DSMAX20XX_x64).
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