Author Topic: Painter to Max problem  (Read 1710 times)

I've followed loads of tutorials (Darren Wallace - ) and I'm still having problems.

I've got it nearly to where it should be, but for some reason the glossiness/specular isn't happening in my scene.

I'm using the Vray export from painter and I'm using Max 2017.

Here is the scene in iray from painter:

And here is the Vray render:

Here are my material settings:

Diffuse - Diffuse
Reflection - Reflection
IOR - Fresnel IOR
Glossiness - RGlossiness

I'm not using the emissive maps

It's very nearly there and I'm certain it's some minor point. I've tried adjusting gamma settings in case it's that and it's not got the same effect.

I'm not usually a Max/Vray user, so if it's a minor tweak somewhere, can someone let me know what to adjust to fix what I need to fix? Thanks.

Have you imported the IOR and RGlossiness maps with Gamma = 1?

You said you've adjusted gamma settings, but you set the gamma when importing the maps to 1.

Thanks, that brought out the metal and upped the colours. This is what it looks like in viewport.

The metal is working now, but the paint still isn't glossy. Any ideas?

This thread has good infographic for going from Substance Designer to VRay, it might help you out.

Unfortunately, I'm not too familiar with the Painter to VRay work flow.


Did you select the "Microfacet GTR (GGX)" brdf?

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