Author Topic: SD6 keeps only exporting some of the bitmaps I ask it to.  (Read 1575 times)

Everytime I export output to bitmaps it leaves out a few of the maps that I selected. I am exporting 13 different maps at 8k so it could be hitting some sort of limit or timing out but I never ran into this issue on SD5.


Does the issue happen on only one substance or with all ?
Can you send me your sbs in order to make test ?
(you can send it using PM if you prefer)

Thanks !
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Hey Celine,

Sure, I tried to recreate it in a stress test and I was successful in remaking the issue, just a few things I did which may or may not be relevant to the issue is its parent size is set to 8k (I turned it down so it wont crash on you on open), I turned off specular on the output, and its a very heavy scene. it only saves the non-core outputs (like diffuse, normal, height, gloss) in this case it only saved the outputs named "output_#"

hopefully that helps.
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I couldn't reproduce your issue with your sbs.
But we will release a new version soon with bugs fixed.
So try with this update it may correct your problem.   
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Just to bump this. I've had the same problem, seems pretty random as to when it does it though. This is on SD5 though which i use at work, the one that crashes on save all the time ;)

Hi all,

Aten and I are working on this issue, so DrewTaylor, we maybe will find what's wrong and fix your issue too !
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