Author Topic: A Problem With Substance Source and Available Downloads  (Read 4565 times)

I subscribed to Substance Live Indie License and got, I believe 17(Counted the Substances in My Assets available to download before the new Substances I just Downloaded), Substances from Substance Source, I canceled my subscription soon after to save a little money. Subscribed again to Substance Live Indie License for $19.90/Month But I was only allowed 14 Available Downloads from Substance Source.

so between the 17 I got before and 14 I got this time, and the 12 free Substances(I already owned a couple I got from the first time I subscribed) I got from the home page of Substance Source, I have a total of 42 in My Assets.

I know that 17+14+12=43, I already owned a couple the of free ones of the front page, so that would make it 41, I might have had 15 Available downloads and downloaded 1 before I noticed, which would make it 42, either way, seems like a bug that I wasn't given 30 Available Downloads.

So unless there is something I skipped over, shouldn't I have 16 more downloads available?

If you are able to, look at my account and see for yourself.

- Patrick Daniels

Hi Patrick,

You received 30 downloads for each of your subscription.
Please check again in "My Asset" to see how many you downloaded (some are free now, and were not free in the past, so you need to know if you downloaded it when it was free or not).

Feel free to contact us if you still have some issues.

Head of Product Management