Author Topic: Texture Variation from same graph appears different  (Read 1400 times)

I have a graph for applying a series of lines to a concrete floor, providing the player in video games with something to follow, I created this a few months ago, and hadn't used it since.

Realising that I not only needed a straight and corner piece but also a T shape, I reopened it and added a few things to produce the new variation, but upon output the color on the lines appears completely different from the others produced with the same graph, I can't remember nor think of any reason I would have altered it at all, but as these are meant to be used as tiles, they NEED to match.

Hopefully one of you might be able to work out what on earth I have done and how to make the new output look like the one supplied.
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Well, it looks pretty straightforward for the most part. I'm missing some dependencies on my end, but I could get the gist of it. It prompted me about a Modern_concrete_001_Modified map that it was missing, although it has a non-modified version embedded. Since the overall color is blended in soft-light mode with the concrete texture at the end, could this be the part that has changed? If your concrete material was altered, or a different one used, this would explain the color change in the paint.
My guess, though, is that you intended your final blend on the BaseColor to use Copy mode, not Soft-Light As it is, the white and orange get blended twice in soft-light mode, once with concrete, and then again with the orange paint, with a mask. Setting the final blend to copy will give you full control over the paint color, regardless of what the concrete graph does. (although you'd still want this to be the same throughout development, since you want it to repeat nicely.)