Author Topic: Wood Plank Help [RESOLVED]  (Read 1563 times)

I have applied "Stripes" procedural over the top of this wood texture to create planks.  I would like the plank edges at the window openings to be vertical or at least not have the stripes that go horizontal.  Do I have to create a separate material in my modeling software for those window frames to correct this, or is there an easier way within Painter?  Thanks!
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For those who may also need help with this...I am embarrassed to say it was as simple as rotating the UV on those surfaces. 

If you mean rotating the UV in the modelling package, of course you can do that. But its easier to mask out that area on the material, create a duplicate of the wood material and simply rotate the material in the settings by 90 degrees. I do this on doors and such, much easier than going into your modelling package and rotating, reimporting, rebaking etc

Ah that is excellent advice Adam...that actually helped me with a different part of the model as well!  Thank you!