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I am having troubles while trying to bake an ID map directly in substance painter :

- I modelled BB8 in blender (divided in several meshes), and assigned him materials (Head, Body, Antennas, etc.) in order to create my texture sets :

and exported it in .fbx. Each mesh is named something_low.

- I created my .spp project with this file, bake all maps except ID map. It worked well.

- I made a copy of my model, and assigned each mesh different materials, according to the color of each part, in order to bake an ID map.

i exported it in .fbx (BB8_ID). Each mesh is named something_ID

- So at this stage, my "low" model and my "ID" model only differ by the materials and the suffixes after each mesh name. They share the same UVs, geometry, etc.

- Then i tried to bake my ID maps directly in substance instead of doing it in Blender. I picked my "BB8_ID.fbx" mesh to act as high poly for the bake, chose "match by mesh name". I changed the "High poly mesh suffix" from _high to _ID.
In the ID baking options, i chose : color source "Material Color" and Color Generator "Hue Shift" and started the baking process.

The baking "seemed" to work, because the log doesn't say anything in particular, but in the end i have an complety grey ID map (for each texture set), instead of having color parts clearly separated.

What can i do ? Does it have something to do with my materials in blender... ?

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Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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Model for ID

Model for texture sets

Do your normal maps bake as black also?

No they are blueish (the normal color...)

Did anyone come up with a solution yet? I am having the same problem:

1. I modelled a door within maya and divided it in three different meshes (named ..._main)
2. The copy of the model is coloured with three different lambert materials for the ID map (here the meshes are named ..._id)
3. I exported the model to fbx
4. Tried to bake the mesh maps. All of them are working except for the ID map. Settings are with the ID-fbx as high definition mesh, matched by mesh names with the appropriate mesh suffix. Color source is set to Material Color, Color Generator is Hue Shift.
5. The ID map is completely grey.

Things I have done so far:
1. Checking for updates for Maya 2018 and Substance Painter
2. Double checked the ID.fbx file with Blender to make sure, that the standard lambert materials were exported properly, which is the case.

Now I am running out of ideas. Any suggestions? Is there an opportunity for some kind of debugging within painter? I am also not sure, where these mentioned log files are located.

Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks.