Author Topic: Am I the only one having issues with support?  (Read 1552 times)

Sorry in advance, this is a little rant. But I need to understand what is going on. So I posted about this issue on Dec 27:,14491.0.html

Because it was the holidays, I also sent a bug report by email because I knew staff might not read all forum posts coming back from their holidays, but that they would answer their emails. Well, fast forward Jan 15 and no reply at all. So I bump the post. Still, complete silence. So Jan 29, I send another email complaining that support hasn't been too good (inexistant so far) and that I have two unanswered questions on the forums, plus I already sent an email about one of them. 3 days later, I get an email saying someone will look into my forums posts (I gave the link to both of them). Now only on Feb 9th do I get a reply on the post linked above. That's 6 weeks after my post. But the delay is not my main issue.

See, my post is dismissed as not being a bug. But while browsing I find this other post that outlines the same issue:,8361.0.html

This one was posted two weeks AFTER I reported the issue. This post gets investigated within a very brief delay and the conclusion is that indeed part of it is a bug, and that some settings can be changed to help also. So not only did I get a reply way later than is acceptable, but the staff member who replied to me didn't even bother investigating the issue or checking if this had been confirmed as a bug.

One of the main reasons I decided to purchase Substance was that I was amazed at how fast and efficiently I saw issues being addressed by the staff on the forums, even with really stupid questions that the user could've answered themselves if they had done a bit research beforehand. But my experience so far with everything I posted is completely different, and in a bad way. And I do take time to watch tutorials, search the forums, read the theory for concepts I'm not used to BEFORE posting so I can give the most details and make sure my questions actually contribute something. This is really frustrating because I get 10x faster and more efficient support from volunteers in open-source software communities than I have been getting for this proprietary software that I pay $30 a month for.

And it's also confusing because so far it seems to be only me (althought it's probably not). Is there something I do wrong? Or am I just unlucky with this? Are there important changes happening at Allegorithmic and it's causing issues with support generally? How can I make this better?

Hey, sorry for the late answer.
We have been investing about the issue on another thread (the one you mentioned), but for some reason, we didn't get back to yours.

As mentioned in the other thread, this is due to a normal precision issue in SP: the default normal precision color should be 127.5, 127.5, 255 but it is approximated to 127 127 255. You can diminish the effect by increasing the sampling, but the best solution remains to keep the flat surfaces in the same UV islands rather than separating them in the middle:

Thanks for your patience.

Thank you for replying! Since the issue was indeed addressed in the other guy's post, I already have the answer to my question. I posted this current thread to discuss the issues I have with support in general. This is not the first instance it happens. In fact, my second post, for which I also sent an email, remains unanswered to this day. That one is not a bug and I'm probably doing something wrong with baking, but I couldn't find anything in the tutorials and documentation with regards to my specific problem. If you or any other staff member could tell me what I overlooked by replying in the original thread so others with the same question can benefit, it would help me a lot, as it's currently blocking me:,14628.0.html

However, my question in this current thread is this: is it normal that I don't get any replies when requesting support, or was that just circumstantial? What should I do when I have bumped the post AND also emailed support but still get no answer? The whole Substance suite is fantastic, and I really don't want to give it up simply because each time I can't find answers in the documentation, I become completely stuck because I get no feedback from the community and the staff either.

We try to answer every pending support request but with dozens of thousands of users, sometimes someone slips through the cracks. If you don't get an answer, keep poking us and bumping your thread, you'll get an answer eventually  ;)

That's good to know, I'll definitely do that! Thanks!