Author Topic: Normalmap "Substances" in SP  (Read 1738 times)

Hey guys,

I´d love to know how these little, but very useful normalmaps (shapes, vents, ...) in SP were created. Some of them have parameters to adjust size or shape.

1. How do you create your own in SD?
2. How could I also be able to select a different material for the normalmap shape? For example a screw normal map should have a different material/substance. I guess I would have to create this functionality in SD. Is there an "input node" for materials/substances - I only found one for a texture.

@Wes - perhaps you could make another awesome tutorial about making your own tools for SP in SD like the damage filter tutorial :-) .

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Hi. I think that most of them are made in Zbrush. And I know that Wes once mentioned ""... Although, you get only alphas.

Thanks for pointing me to , I didn´t know about that site.