Author Topic: materials with MatFx filters broken after 2.5  (Read 1958 times)

I just updated to the new 2.5 update, but some materials that uses the MatFx filter (the rust one) are broken.
I also can't get the MatFx filters to work on new materials.

This is the material i am using:
when i open an old scene with the materials it shows correct, but as soon as it finish loading and chaning the file to the new 2.5 file the material breaks and no rust will show.

I reproduced the issue. We are looking into it.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
Fabrice Piquet aka Froyok. Product Manager, Technical Artist and Documentation at Adobe.

Thanks for the fast reply, hope it will get fixed soon.

Also, great job on the new update, the text tools make life so much easier! keep up the great work.