Author Topic: SP 2.5.1 (Not Responding) after launch  (Read 487 times)

So, right out of the box (with cleaned out default shelf and application settings, of course I have a backup of my pre-2.5 shelf) SP 2.5.1 and 2.5.0 try to start up, the window remains white and after a while of getting fed up with waiting and poking it the window changes to (Not Responding), indicating the application has crashed. I have tried letting it sit for 15 minutes to no avail.
My system should be more than capable of running SP:
i7 6850k
64gb DDR4
GTX 1080 (Driver 378.66, released 2017-02-14)
Run by Windows 10 64 bit

Who do i throw which files at in what manner to figure out what's going on and hopefully get this fixed and 2.5.1 into a usable state? (the ability to do non-square maps is kinda vital to me)


After fussing around a while with video drivers and even older versions a friend of mine reminded me of a problem with window positioning he had which caused the program he was developing to crash.
Turns out that was my problem too: If SP is on a secondary screen (above my main screen) and maximized it refuses to launch.

Procedure to fix: disconnect/disable all auxiliary screens, launch SP, profit!