Author Topic: Bake by mesh name broken in 2.5?  (Read 3537 times)

As above. Selecting to bake By Mesh Name is the same as matching, functionality is missing.
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I can confirm this. Here is a comparison of 2.5 with and without Bake by Mesh Names and one screenshot of the same model baked in 2.4.1.

Note that the results with and without Mesh Names enabled in 2.5 are not completely identical.

Thanks for the report, we are looking into it.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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Yup can confirm as well

Was just about to make a post about this too. Confirmed for being broken and also for one of my colleagues.

On top of that it seems that "average normals" does nothing. The bake result behaves as if was unchecked (though it was enabled).

I am having the same problem since updating to 2.5 this morning.

I have the same problem:

Also I can confirm this issue. Is not working!

Some urgent help, please  :( . I can't downgrade because I have other projects I have saved with this version (in those I had the textures already baked).

Thanks in advance!
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Same happen to me.
I though something wrong in my model or cage. But it was a bug  :P
I spend hours to know why this happen until i saw this post  lol.
hope you update it as soon as possible.

more broken bakes, gonna roll back to 2.4 and use 2.5 to render stuff only for now

A hotfix build is on the way for the baking issues. Thank you for your patience!

Thanks!  :D