Author Topic: SD6: duplicate microfacet_ggx nodes- urls mdl/df and mdl/std?  (Read 1261 times)

I'm following along with the Basics of creating MDL in Designer vid, and I noticed when it comes to the point of adding the microfacet_ggx_smith_bsdf node, there are two of them (this isn't the case in the video); there are also two of the vcavities_bsdf nodes. The only difference I see between the duplicates are in the URLs. One version has mdl:/mdl/df and the other has mdl:/mdl/std.

Does it make a difference which gets used?

Hi Vaskania,

That's normal if you can see them twice, it comes from MDL library.
And no, there's no difference. :) 
QA Analyst

Good to know. Thank you.