Author Topic: What diffuse color, metalness and roughness should this material have?  (Read 3716 times)

I am sorry if this question is dumb, I really don't want to waste your time guys, but your "pbr" guide suggests that metals should have color values above 170 or have a reduced "metalness" value, what about this metal, widely used for guns? What color should it be?

The black material here is not metal but painted metal, therefore it behaves like a non-metal and should have its metalness set to 0 or a low value (for metallic paint like the barrel) and its color can be anything since it's the color of the paint.

Hi Maya Gameworks 0,

Try the built in Steel Gun Mat smart material and adjust the settings. It is a good start.
The black metal parts usually steel with gun oil on it (coated).

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Huge thanks for your replies!

I don't wanna mess with you dude!!! You got some arsenal shit lol

Its parkerized metal, meaning its metal with a protective coating over the top which stops corrosion and such, I normally just use a steel underlay (steel rough in painter) and add a semi rough dark grey fill layer over the top with metalness 0 (and edge wear/variation) with a roughness variation fill layer. You may want to check online for the guns you do as each weapon is different as to what material each parts of the gun are, some have aluminium receivers with parkerized metal barrels
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