Author Topic: Can't export 8 bit texture  (Read 4508 times)

Unreal Engine 4 doesn't read 16 bit PNGs properly, so I have to export it 8 bit... But it still saves all the textures as 16 bit, even if I set the Output Format to Absolute -> '8 Bits per Channel'.
This looks like a bug...?

Can you try to put a level node before the outputs and set the output format to absolute 8bit on this level node ? (don't change the level settings)
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Setting the output on the last node before final Output node indeed fixes the issue. In my case it works also with Blend node, which is the last node before the output:

Thank you for the help. So is this a bug that output format set in main graph properties doesn't influence the actual exported file?

No, setting the graph to 8bit does not necessarily mean all nodes will be 8bit.
Most of the noises/generators output 16bit (we forced them to absolute 16bit to avoid quality problem), and since regular nodes with inputs are "relative to input", they will inherit the 16bit.

So only nodes set to "relative to parent" will inherit the parent setting (as well as nodes with inputs if the input is not plugged).
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