Author Topic: Upgrade --> i must have missed the change??  (Read 2075 times)

I own SP2 and SD5;
I just want to upgrade to SD6 (same when SD3 comes out i guess)
It says i can upgrade for 75$ something (it's Indie version), but when i click it, i brings me to monthly payment of 9.95 for first 6 months and then 19.90 / m.
So after 7 months, i payed 79.6 $ ... ?

Can someone plz try to explain new system, English isnt my native language...



You can upgrade in 2 ways:
- from Substance Designer 5 to Substance Designer for $75, like it used to be
- or you can subscribe to Substance Live, with a discount to $9.95 during 6 months

Substance Live is a subscription with benefits:
- you are always up-to-date with software, no more upgrades to pay
- you get 30dl/months on Substance Source at
- it's rent-to-own, meaning you can chose to own one software after 8 payments

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