Author Topic: Unity live link ?  (Read 2240 times)

Having seeing the following video

And reading the following web page

Regarding the live link with external applications like Unity, I was trying to find at substance, to no avail.

Is this plugin yet released ?
If not, is there any official announcement when will it be released ?
With which substance painter and unity versions is it compatible with ?

Having seen also the following video:
There is something I really do not get from the live link implementation.

It is clear that if one creates/loads an object in unity, he may transfer it to substance painter using this plugin and from there on, wherever is modified into substance painter is automatically transferred back into unity.

Still, what if an object is first loaded into substance painter and all the work is already been done there. How may one transfer over using this live link option to unity ?

I mean is this a one way route (meaning starting from unity to substance and vice versa from there on) or this may be done the other way around (meaning starting from substance and transfer to unity and vice versa from there on) !?

How may one transfer automaticallthe work tha is already done into substance painter to unity ?
Is he still limited do the whole work manually ?

Anyone ?
Any official feedback regarding this issue ?
My anyone clarify this ?