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Hey all,

I've got a sort of... well it's a weird question. With the live special offer for indie devs currently on, Is there a way to pay x amount of months for substance live all in one go?

The reason why I ask is because I use the substance software - SD5 & SP2 - primarily through steam, mainly because it updates automatically and also because I can switch working on things between my laptop on the go, and desktop at home. I've read on here, and the FAQ states it, that licenses can't be provided on steam when subscribed to live as you don't own a definitive license, which you can get but you must have subscribed for an accumulated 8 months first.

Now, you might say, well why not just purchase an upgrade on steam and you'll have a full working version outright?
The thing is, I'd also like to get some more monthly downloads for substance source as well, and the only way to do that, from what I've read, is to subscribe to Live.

I could just subscribe and pay for each month as it's due, which would get me access to the latest versions as well as provide me with monthly download tokens for source. However, I wouldn't be able to use steam to manage my installations and updates (I'd have to subscribe and wait 8 months to do it).

So, I wouldn't mind paying for 8 months of Live all in one go if it means I can get a definitive license for SD6 that I can apply to my steam account. This way I can get a definitive license for SD6 plus some more download tokens and I wouldn't feel like I'm doubling up like if I had bought a normal upgrade and a subscription afterwards. (It's a bit more value for money too).

Note that I'm not asking for the download tokens to be provided all in at once, they can be provided monthly as usual.

Hopefully that's not too confusing; sorry, it became a wall of text all of a sudden.


That's currently not possible to make a pre-payment on Substance Live. And it's thus not possible to have a Steam key while you are on Substance Live.

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