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Hi guys,

first of all : I love Substance Designer and Wes, congratulations to your award - you earned it!

But what I don´t like about SD is the organization of the nodes. It´s like a plate full of sphagetti in more complex graphs and really hard to follow/understand, especially when learning and looking at the graph of somebody else.

- Wouldn´t it be possible to have a kind of "variable" Node, which saves certain parts of the graph. Then you can instance this "variable"-node in some other part of the graph without having to connect it via wire. The same instances could also be indicated by the same color for example.

- A reroute-Node (like in UE4) would be awesome to organize the wires and keep everything tidy.

- A way of collapsing parts of the graph into single nodes with in/out connections. (see UE4 macro/functions)

- Perhaps individual graph tab pages for all channels (i.e. base color, normal, roughness, ...) . Links could be done via the "variable"-node.

- Why doesn´t the frame adjust its borders when I move a node inside of it? Why don´t I have the possiblity to change the size of the frame on every border? (hor and vertical)

Best regards,

Some of these things can already be done. You can create new graphs with input images and output images that do specific tasks, and then drag those onto your main graphs for enhanced organization. This seems to be what you're describing with 'variable' nodes and collapsing. I do this often, and if you set it up in a clever way, you can build your own library of useful, time-saving functions tuned to your particular workflow.

And rerouting is possible by holding Shift and Alt and clicking the wire you want to rerout.

Automatically resizing frames would be nice.

Thanks for your reply - I somehow missed the reroute shortcut :-/ .

No problem! It's not a very easy-to-find feature. Or, maybe, think of if like, your idea was so good that Allegorithmic not only liked it, they went back in time and implemented it then.

Um. Reroute nodes in SD?
Like that?

@CoryMcG LOL :) . That´s what happened - I´m quite sure. If anybody can make timetraveling possible, it´s these guys at allegorithmic ;-) .