Author Topic: How do the downloads work on Substance Source?  (Read 13546 times)

Hi, I'm new to Substance Source I have tried to download some textures but it wont let me it says I have 0 available downloads, I can't even download the free ones. I have substance painter 2, Designer 5 and B2M3. I bought them through steam.

I was just wondering do you get any free downloads for having this software or do you need to get the monthly membership?

Thanks in advance.


If you purchased SP2/SD5/B2M3 on Steam, you can link your Steam account to your Allegorithmic account (to get your products on this account).
The credits (for people who bought the standalone version some time ago) were added the 1st November, you can however contact us if needed ( to see what we can do.

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And after you have successfully downloaded some of these textures, What can you do with them? How do you use them in Designer or Painter?


You can take a look at Substance Academy ( to get more details about it but here is the idea:

- In Substance Painter, you can import a sbsar file in your project (by doing a drag and drop in the Shelf for example). You just need to specify it's a "basematerial" and it will appear in the shelf in the "Materials". This way you can use it in a fill layer for example.
- In Substance Designer you can use a sbsar in your graph (by creating a "New package" and doing a drag and drop of your sbsar file in your graph).
- In Substance Player you can open the sbsar file, modify parameters, and export bitmaps to use in your project.
Lead technical artist