Author Topic: S.Painter UE4 plugin ... like the unity one.? is it still in development?  (Read 1537 times)

 I just got done watching the 'Substance Painter 2.2 Material Layering in Unreal Engine 4' video from July 21, 2016 and near the end there is mention of a UE4 plugin to automate the process of assigning materials to the layered material in UE4.  Apparently there is already one for unity. I can't seem to find the UE4 plugin anywhere.... is it still in development?


There is no plugin, just a master material that you can use in your project :
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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Dear Allegorithmic,

will there be an UE4 plugin for this or has it beed abandoned?


From my talks with Allegorithmic via email, it would seem that the plugin has been abandoned. If it was ever in development at all. They seemed very reluctant to even acknowledge that they had ever said it was in production until i linked them to their own blogs and videos that clearly stated it was. ... even then they tried to make out it was the master material they were referring to.. which it clearly wasn't.
I was very disappointed in them as it was quite a big thing that made me buy into substance as a tool.
The upshot was that there would be no plugin and they offered to refund my license purchase...but seeing as I'd bought it via the 'rent to own' method it just meant they would put that money back into my accrued balance... not actually refund my money at all. 
Very shady dealing in my eyes and something which made me lose faith in the company.
/end rant.