Author Topic: Automated workflow with baker baked maps sbsar files  (Read 1807 times)


I'm looking for informations on how to set up an automated workflow. Somehow like maya has one.

What is not clear is how to work with baked maps in .sbsar files.
Use a placeholder in a designated path where the map should be?

In the fmx2016 video I can barely see that their substance network has a baking part.

Does it mean that this .sbsar file is only meant for that particular object?

Does it mean that when using batch tools each object must have its .sbsar associated with it?

I'm new to substance but i'm surprised that this ground is not covered more.
I thought the idea behind all that was reusability.

I understand you can use .sbsar like a texture but I want to use them with baked maps.

Please can you elaborate more on this in the documentation or make a tutorial on this whole workflow. (the one I found used max and substance designer 3...)

I took the plunge worked on it and made some progress.
Those messages answer some questions :

Still the documentation is incomplete on that matter IMO.

Some bugs I noticed:

There's a flipping issue with the uv but it seems to have been reported already.

However when you're dialing the sliders in the plugin in houdini the viewport doesn't react to it. You have to move slightly your view so it can be taken into account.
Can it be fixed?

And also could you clarify which map to use between height and displacement because by default none works or is linked in the .cfg

Thank you.