Author Topic: Did not receive my licenses  (Read 918 times)

Hi so about 30 minutes ago i subscribes to substance live.
I did get an confirmation e-mail from paypal but i didn,t got one from allegortithmic yet.(i also checked if my email was correct, it was)
So after the purchase i went to my acount downloads and licenses, well my downloads and licenses weren't there.
i looked for some info on the web and came by a post on the forums about somebody with the same porblem.
The ansers where to just wait a bit and see what happens but im now 30 in and still havent received my licenses.

so please help me !!!


It takes sometimes a few hours for PayPal to verify your payment, that's why the license appears sometimes with a delay.
I confirm though that your license was added on your account on February 5th.

Head of Product Management