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If I make a new project, make a material and then save it, how do I save it as a different material if I tweak some changes? I only seem to be able to save it as the same material.

I tend to have my Substance and the .sbs project file named the same.  It's not necessary, but it's less confusing to me.  You can have multiple Substance graphs in a single file, in which case they cannot all have the same name as the file that contains them.  But most of my projects are the simple, single-graph type of project.

a) Right-click to SaveAs to a different file
b) Right-click to change the name of the Substance (a.k.a "Material")

That should do the trick.
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Right click on your graph in the explorer and hit copy. Now right click on your project / package and hit paste. This will make a duplicate. ctrl-c and ctrl-v don't always seem to work for some reason.