Author Topic: Help with Baking high poly to low poly  (Read 1648 times)

Hello there so I'm trying to get a better understand of how to bake my items from high res to low res item with substance painter. I have it where I get not a good result or it turns out black. I'm putting in the files. I will say I have a door in the high res with extra detail and seeing if I can take some of the details it has and put it as a normal map in low.  Now bare with me as I'm new to doing something like this so I don't know if maybe something is off, maybe I'm trying to make something that can't be a normal into one, or my items could be the wrong size. To add, here is a question, if i was to export both low and high, do they have to be in the same exact spot in the program. I know they should be the right size. Also maybe there is too much detail in my high. I hope its ok for me to ask this as trying to get a hang of doing baking. Also I do know it works as the log says it is a successful 3d loaded