Author Topic: Is it possible to paint only choosen polygons?  (Read 948 times)

Hello guys!
Could you tell me please
How can we paint only with selected polygons?
We can fill one texture set, we can fill all the model
but when we paint the model we paint close polygons so it is hard to paint two different polygons by different materials.
When we make mask Can we by someway make mask in polygon mode and then when we paint we can paint only these polygons?
So is it possible to choose only needed polygons and paint only on these polygons, and not paint on close polygons?

Thank you in advance

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Hi Stomp,

Yes, you can paint only selected polygons as Painter has a cool tool just for this purpose. Look for the 'Polygon Fill' option which is in the main menu between the 'Projection' and 'Smudge' tools. Once selected you can then make triangle, polygon, mesh or UV chunk selections. This can be used on layers or masks that have been applied to a fill layer. Hope that helps and have fun!

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