Author Topic: Substance Painter 2.2.0 Crash - File now corrupt but possible recovery?  (Read 2397 times)

Hey there,

So my system just experienced a 'hang' so I had to do a hard reset. I thought I was lucky and saved the file however it seems to not open at all now. I just get an error "Cannot decode data". It's extremely important that I get it back... I have a back-up but its about 12 hours of work lost otherwise.

Is there anyway I can resolve this?

Thanks in advance


Unfortunately it is very likely that the project is corrupt and gone for good  :(
Could you please give us as much information as you can about what you were doing when your computer hanged and if you were working on that same file you are trying to open now?
Could you send us the project still so we can see if there is something to be done?

Hi Jeremie,

Thank you for getting back to me... Luckily at work we had an disk image saved from the previous day so I had not lost too much work. I think it was a network problem when saving or shortly after saving at least. The project is severald GB so not sure it will attach/plus it's under NDA tbh... I am going to make sure to keep iterations of saves but will let you know if it happens again with a log file :)

Thank you anyway for your reply