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Hi there,

Here at Mikros Image we are looking for a way to automatically export textures of a given Substance Painter file (.spp). Our goal is to have the same features described in your documentation :
But something we can insert in our pipeline (batch, python...).

We are using Substance Painter 2.4.1 and Batch Tools 5.5.2 on Linux.

Do you have a way to do this?

Thank you for your time.


I am building something that sounds similar at my studio.
Painter has quite a robust GUI scripting system based on QML and Javascript via the plugins.
They get auto-loaded so you can build custom tool bars and windows that you can direct your users to.
Take a look at the built-in ones to get started: incremental_save and especially photoshop-export

The Photoshop one, in particular, gives you enough sample code to build a custom exporter.

Indeed you should have everything you need in the scripting API to create a custom export dialog that's linked to your other tools. A few studios have built their own exporter for this purpose.

Thanks for your feedbacks!
I took a look at the photoshop-export built-in plugin, which is an excellent example to understand what we can do with plugins inside Painter. Unfortunately, our main goal here is to dispatch the export textures on the renderfarm, so doing an export from outside of the Painter interface. So we are looking for a way to implement an exporter as a command line.
Is it possible?


Ah, good question. I don't know of a way to do that completely outside of Painter.

There is no headless or command line version of Painter at the moment. It may come at a later date.

Thanks again for your feedback.
Indeed it will be very useful for us to have a command line like in Designer to be able to export textures. For now, each artist has to export its textures on its computer (and it may take time to open the Painter scene and export textures with high resolutions). We are looking forward to some news about this feature request :)
Have a nice day.