Author Topic: Stylized / Cartoon/ Painty Category?  (Read 9506 times)

it would be cool if Substance Source had a Stylize / Cartoony / Painty look category!

to me, and my current project it is what fits it best..  I love substance and the source library awesome products!!
but iam a little sad to see a lack of this style of textures on there, I can see a few on there, but wish was more :) Iam sure the Source Library is new, so it will surely grow with time!

I had adopted a technique in the past with GIMP and real world photos, and Unity Toon shaders to make painty looking textures, but its really sub-par actually...

i suppose these games might have actually hand painted textures?? or maybe they even DO use Substance ??

more textures like the environmental textures in Paladins or Ziggurat  would be awesome!!

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