Author Topic: Expose substance parameters on the sunbstance source website?  (Read 2088 times)


after using your free substances from Substance Source I am seriously considering purchasing a monthly plan to access premium substances from the resource.

I have one serious concern though: the images and 3d view on the website is an incredibly poor representation of the final substance.

Purchasing a substance based on the preview you see on the website is like purchasing a car based on it's looks alone: you never know what's under the hood. With the substances I used, if you fiddle with parameters of the final substance you can end up with a completely different beast, unlocking hidden potential of seemingly bland and boring patterns. My fear is, without having a much more wholesome and comprehensive preview one can miss out on the material he was looking for, or, vise versa, end up with a very bland a boring pattern, while imagining the world, based on the preview.

So here is my feature request: please add at least a few more images of the final result you can achieve for each material. At least add them in 2d view. Idealy though I would love to see at least some of the parameters exposed in the preview, but I can imagine that it's pretty hard to achieve.
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Thanks for the feedback.
We indeed are looking at solutions to display the variety you can obtain for each Substance.


The Source (as well in gametextures) miss to show what you get in each sample. For example I have countless times downloaded a substance thinking that I can tune up some param, but it turns out that it is just flat bitmap for example. This way I (and seems other) shoot a bit in the dark, burning points only (well, the last makes sense from provider's perspective :) )