Author Topic: "Your trial of substance painter 2 is ending soon" mail?  (Read 1140 times)

I have just recieved an email with the text

"Your trial of substance painter 2 is ending soon"
"How time flies, your trial is ending in 3 days" " Get a license"

I have Substance live indie account, and monthly payment since 2015, but it is the first time i get an email like that?
i dont get it, is my substance painter 2 only a trial or ..?!  my account shows sp1, sd5, b2m, sp2.


EDIT: in my account i can get definitive indie license for $315, but i have accumulated more than that, if i choose to get the definitive license will i:
1. still get updates for all programs?
2. get the rest of my payments refunded?
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...And now the payment went through(like always) so i guess its just running like normal :-)

There was indeed a bug about it, we just fixed it :)
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