Author Topic: Using mesh/dynamic data instead of textures as inputs  (Read 1298 times)


As far as I understand Designer always needs textures as inputs for anything that's dependent on the surface of a model, i.e. it's normals or AO baked. So if anything is dynamic, like a deforming surface that won't really work correct?

In my case I want to use a substance file with maya and dynamically shade something that doesn't necessarily have uv's. Why can't Designer understand the mesh normal for example directly? Or let me feed in the AO dynamically as I might do with a "normal" shader.
My simple test was a substance that would simply blend 2 colors depending on the viewing angle. So I exposed the mask and plugged in a maya samplerInfo.facingRatio into it, but that doesn't really seem to work..

Another scenario I can imagine is a landscape shader for a realtime engine where I need the world space position but don't want to bake a massive texture for it to work?

I'm fairly new to SD so please forgive if I miss some of the concepts here! (or some buttons..)


Hey, the Substance engine does not read 3d mesh, but on textures, therefore you indeed have to dynamically rebake the texture if you want to fit with the deformation. If the deformation is predictable, you can imagine pre baking your maps.