Author Topic: Creating my own Procedurals to be used in Painter.  (Read 1306 times)

Hello everyone,

I found the generators and procedural masks to be very powerful in substance painter. My goal now is to create my own masks from scratch. Is there any tutorials I can watch that showcases how I can take a black and white mask in Designer and expose variables like Balance, Contrast, Invert and Random Seed similar to how the noise generators packaged with Designer.  I know the basics of both programs but I can't seem to find a good video to help me with this in particular.

So to quickly sum it up. I want to take a bitmap image and make a procedural to be used inside painter that's as flexible as the default ones in Painter.

If there's a way to explain this in the forum or share a link to an older discussion that answers that, I'd be very thankful.

Thank you in advance,

If you can provide pictures, even some crude mock-ups, to help explain what you want to achieve, that might help a lot.

From what you described - starting with a bitmap - it sounds like converting the bitmap to gray scale, and then using a "Levels" node might accomplish something.
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Here's the image. If there's a way to expose this node and see how it was constructed in the program, that would work too.