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Hey Folks,

i thought i posted a topic like this a long time ago, but i did not see it in my stats anymore. Anyway here it is again, cause i still think, that could be a small nice addition to the workflow at all.

Its really simple what i would love to see, if its possible. If you use Multi-Material Blend Node, assign the ID Color to the small material input symbol or maybe a new row. Please check the screenshot. Made 2 types. I think A is maybe a nicer solution, if its possible. But if you check the image, you will understand what i trying to say. :) I think it will help us all to get a faster overview, without coloring the Frame Boxes.

greetz Spaehling

Since this is a custom graph, (although one shipped with SD) changing the core behavior of this one node wouldn't make sense, I'd imagine. But, expanding, and generalizing, this idea a bit...
We could benefit, perhaps, from custom color blobs on node anchors. The colors now communicate necessary info like what kind of input it's expecting (grey, color, or material), so maybe a border color option in the variable setup field, sort of like the Visible_If option. a Border_Color textbox that could be filled with things like rgb(128,128,255) or "mat1Color"

And then Multi Material Blend could be easily altered to have custom borders that match mmb's mask colors.

Hey, while I can understand the value of this, this remains really specific to the way the node is built+ colors already have a meaning (yellow=RGBA, grey=grayscale, green=material).
I would mean that in the original graph, you would somehow link the color of the input node to another parameter of the graph: I'll share with the team, but it may be hard to put in place.

Hey, thanks for your answers.

thats sounds like a nice idea. An Additional anchor for the framebox, that the framebox changes color automatically from the multi material blend.

thanks for listening.