Author Topic: " normal + heigth + base normal " artifacts.  (Read 1071 times)


I would appreciate some help here, please.

- I have a substance made in SD. Looks perfect in the viewport, and normal map exported from SD looks o.k.

- Imported .sbsar in SP. I have artifacts.

- When I cycle trough channels, normal map looks o.k., but " normal + heigth + base normal " have this artifacts.

- (No baked maps, the mesh is just a plane).

Seems that any  (even just one) "normal blend" node that I add in SD, endups in artifacts in SP (even if I add a "normalize node")... Please, some help...  :-\
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If normal map is ok did you checked height map? All other maps look good in SD? Can you show SD in more closely to look on it?

Thanks for your repply, asicson!

I didn't export height map from SD. In SP I have only this .sbar, so nothing is interfering with its values.

Provisionally I fixed the bug by removing all "normal blend" nodes in SD, and blending the grayscale values befor making a normal map (althoug is harder to get the result I want).

After I deliver my work, I'll make some further tests and let you know, in case it may be useful for someone.
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Yes sure and good luck!

This bug has been fixed in our internal build, next release of Painter will get rid of the problem.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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Oh, is great to hear that! Thanks!   :)


Any ETA for the new release?