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Hi guys,

I've been using SD for a while but plan to start using SP in my latest project. I had a question regarding workflow though.

I'm currently baking several normal maps in 3D Coat, as usual there are some artifacts. Rather than tweak all my UVs and rebake, can SP be used for cleaning up the normal maps? IE: tight corners where there is obvious pixelation that will need blurred or tweaked.

It would be neat to have that feature, never thought about it. If you want to tweak the normal map itself, the closest thing I could think of which might work is to insert the baked normal map to the diffuse tab in SP. You'll be able to paint on top of your normal map texture but not view it as a normal map itself. After the fixes, you could export the diffuse (that has the baked normal map), and reimport it to put on your actual height map tab (which is the usual spot to have an external normal map placed.) I've yet to try this myself but it might work.

This does make me wonder now if something like this can be worked in a way where you can bake/merge all the painted layers in one map inside SP and place it in another map.
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I don't think it's a good to fix baking issues by painting on the normal map itself. Even if you clone areas of the map, you still are changing the vectors which can cause other issues.

However, in SP you could import the normal then paint on a new layer height information to fix issues. You can augment the normal map by painting height in SP. So on a new layer, you could paint new height information that fixes bake errors. Then, when you export, SP will create a new normal map.


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Thanks guys!

So basically, I'd "sculpt/paint" over the problem areas in the form of a height map that would export as a normal map. I'll give this a try!