Author Topic: Can't log in  (Read 4091 times)


for some reason i can't login to substance source with my main account. Any ideas?

Me, too. I can't login only substance source.

I don't know what's the problem

Hi, we had some server issues today, it should be ok now.
Let us know if you still can't login. Thanks for your patience!
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I can't log in either, but that's because my user is not recognized on that website.  I have a substance live subscription but when I try to log in it tells me my user is not recognized. When I go to the sign up page it takes me to the purchase substance live page.. but I already have it. So I am stuck in a loop so to speak. :/


You just need to log on Substance Source with your email and password.
Then you will see how many assets you can download.

If you have trouble, please contact us at contact at

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