Author Topic: Company change my license type so I can access Source. Cannot see any DLs  (Read 1644 times)

My license should have recent changed to Substance Live Pro. It was bought by our Chief Operations Officer, I believe under his Allegorithmic account.

I am not sure how I update my license info to access Substance Source downloads. It looks like it might be tied to your Allegorithmic profile? My profile says No Licenses and No Subscriptions. Is it possible since I did not purchase Substance Live from my account, that its not tied to my profile? Is there another way to add your license info to access Substance Share?

When I log onto the Substance Share site with my account it still says 0Avaibale Downloads.

EDIT: We figured out it was tied to his corporate account he used to purchase all of the artists licenses, there is no way to transfer it to my account, and I have to log into his account to access the downloads. We were not very impressed with this outcome or solution.
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