Author Topic: Aliasing in export - not in Painter  (Read 1472 times)

I am exporting textures from another artist and I am getting aliasing I cannot figure out how to get rid of. It looks perfectly fine in Substance Painter, but when rendered with Arnold in Maya, there seems to be something missing. I checked the diffuse texture to compare them - and there i in fact some bits missing, being aliased or whatever..

I tested something that might be stupid, but just had to test it..

I thought perhaps the mask to create the golden line initially was the problem, so I exported the albedo (base color) from Painter, brought it back in and applied it to a fill layer. Everything looks like it should.

With this in mind, I exported for Arnold again, with a Diffuse map, and I get the same problem. Aliasing next to the golden line.

Why does it happen? How can I fix this? There is 28 udims total on this mesh, we need this to work right out of Painter.

Hard to say what the cause of this is. It could be that there is a layer of metallic material under the stripe that's slightly bigger than the stripe. It won't show on the basecolor, since the metallic map takes care of that, but it may show on the diffuse since metals are black on diffuse maps.

Ahh yes, ok. So I figured there were nothing in the metallic channel. It just showed a checkerboard when I previewed it. So I filled a layer with metallic.

But it's still some bleed. I'm 100% sure the fill layer with this gold part (was created by a different artist, but I'm cleaning up) was masked with the polygon selection tool, but either the base color or metallic is 'bleeding'.