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Hello everyone!
I am a vfx student and quite new in substance, i am having some problem backing the textures of my object although the uvs are fine apparently. As you can see from the attachment it looks like it's giving me edges where they ar enot supposed to be. Any suggestions?

Many thanks for your time

Greetings, and WELCOME to the forum.

Not long ago, I got an FBX file from someone, and there were "ghosts" in it, too.  I don't know the details, but the modeling program (Maya maybe, but probably 3dsMax) had some "Normal" data on the mesh that didn't belong  It's as if he had baked something, and then changed the model but still had that baked data being included.

If you're seeing "edge wear" and stuff like that where you shouldn't:
a) Cycle through your channels in Painter and closely inspect the Normal channel, though sometimes it's still hard to see things there with human eyes.  Press "C" to cycle the Channels, and "M" to return to the Material view.
b) In your modeling application, see if you can clear or reset your normals, and export into a new Painter project.

Good luck.
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